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Nurse Perpetual Calendar with Scrubs and Stethoscope Holder - Great Gifts For Nurses

  • $17.95

You treat your patients with great care, and often lift them up in prayer. You always put your patients first, because your such a caring nurse!

Nurses will love this perpetual calendar and Bible verse holder in the shape of a scrub top with a stethoscope around the neck. Holds all the cards needed to create a perpetual calendar with Bible verses.

This perpetual calendar can be used for many years. Simply arrange the month and day cards to show any date of the year. Easy to change and update day cards are printed on both sides. When the month is over, simply turn the whole stack around and the cards are in order and ready to go.

Contains date cards along with 16 verse cards, each printed on both sides. One card contains a special nurse poem. Choose any verse to display in front. The calendar comes ready for gift-giving in an attractive see-through box. The figurine is made of resin and measures 3 5/8 inches tall. 

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