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Ace the NCLEX - 36 Nursing Cheat Sheets for Students

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It's Time To ACE the NCLEX®

Ready to take your studies to the next level? This book contains the most needed, most referenced, and sometimes most confusing information in an easy to read, understand, and remember way. 36 nursing reference pages in full color ranging in topics from respiratory to medication you will love having this handy book on your phone while in clinical or class.

Stop Wasting Time

Look we've all been there. . . nursing school is hard. You never know what is MOST important and what you should be focusing on. Not any more. With this easy to read and use book you have exactly what you need right at your finger tips. With tables, pictures, graphs and more . . . you are ready to soar! Perfect for the new nurse or nursing student looking to save time and energy in their studies. Topics Include • Injection Sites (IM) • Common Laboratory Values • Blood Gas Analysis • Blood Gas Interpretation • Blood Compatibility • Anticoagulant Therapy • Heart Murmurs • Glasgow Coma Scale • Cranial Nerves • Wallace Rule of Nines - Burn Severity • Edema Scale • Wigger Diagram • Heart Sounds • Normal EKG • 12 Lead EKG Placement • EKG Strip Interpretation • Abnormal EKG • 5 Lead EKG Placement • Heart Murmurs • Shock • Hierarchy of O2 Delivery • Wound (Pressure Ulcer) Staging • IV Fluid Therapy • Medication Antidotes • Insulin Onset, Peak, and Durations • Common Drug Stems • Common Critical Care Drips • Common Light Sensitive Drugs • Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion • Nursing Calculations • Nursing Math Conversions • APGAR Scoring • Breath Sounds • Maslow Hierarchy of Needs • Head to Toe Assessment Checklist • Adult Vital Signs What are you waiting for?

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