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Welcome to The Nurse Place

Posted by Andrew J Kohn on

     We created The Nurse Place as a way to provide products that honor nurses and healthcare workers for all the hard work you do. The long hours, the tireless dedication, the degree of responsibility you have and the often taken for granted role you play in helping each and every patient in ways that nobody can ever thank you enough for. Nurses, you truly represent the science of medicine and the art of caring.

    Please enjoy our blog. We will give you interesting information, share new products with you and try to provide you with a few laughs along the way also. We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and feelings. Whether it is about nursing in general, ideas for products and gadgets that would make your shifts easier and more manageable or anything else nursing related. 

     Thank you for all you do, each and every day and thank you for taking a minute to read this. Find out more at the or visit us on

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